Surround yourself with like minded people (trait #3 to becoming a healthy thinker)

Surround yourself with like minded people (trait #3 to becoming a healthy thinker)

There will be ups and downs in your journey to becoming a healthy thinker. You will need a healthy support system for your journey.

We all have them, those friends, co-workers, or family members that steer us in the wrong direction. Over the years you probably have created a support system of unhealthy thinkers. It makes it easier for us to live our unhealthy lives when we have unhealthy people around us, they tend to make us feel comfortable with who we are. It will make it easier to follow healthy habits when you surround yourself with people that are healthy thinkers.

The first step on a healthier path is to figure out what habits you need to change. The second step is to figure out who you surround yourself with when you take part in these unhealthy habits. And the third step is to either create new healthy habits with this group of people, or to disassociate yourself from these people. Yes, this can be very tough. How important is to you to become a healthy thinker?

You should also search out healthy minded people. Surround yourself with healthy thinkers. You are who you associate yourself with. Join a gym. Find people at work that enjoy healthy foods. Join a running group. Join a biking group. Ask healthy thinkers lots of questions. What do they do for fun?

Please understand that making changes in your lifestyle is not easy. You have spent 30, 40, 50, 60 years creating these habits. You need support! Search out people that will support you!