Share your desire to become a “healthy thinker” with others (Becoming a “Healthy Thinker Trait #5)

Share your desire to become a “healthy thinker” with others (Becoming a “Healthy Thinker Trait #5)

The final Trait in becoming a “healthy thinker” is sharing your goals & desires with others. You have taken the necessary steps to begin your new life as a healthy thinker, now share your plan with people that will fuel your fire, and support you on this journey.

The journey will not come without stumbling blocks. Having a support system in place can help to motivate you when things get tough.

When you announce to people your intentions it will definitely drive you toward success. For many people it is very easy to take a day off from exercise, or eat that bowl of ice cream, when you only have yourself to answer too. When you have supportive, non judgemental people in your corner, most people will think twice before sabotaging their plan.

Also know that words lead to actions. When you announce your desire to become a “healthy thinker,” you are much more likely to take action.

Please read through the 5 traits again. Take each trait one at a time and begin to put the principles in place. When you feel comfortable with one trait, move on to the next.

It has taken me nearly 8 months to blog the 5 traits to becoming a healthy thinker. During the past 8 months I have done a bunch of reading and studying on behavior change. What I have discovered during these 8 months is that these traits are very, very effective if you are trying to make a change.

With the new year approaching many of you may decide to make some changes in your health and fitness. Please go in to your journey keeping these 5 traits in the forefront of your programming.