Why Fad diets don’t work

Why Fad diets don’t work

Why Fad diets don’t work, and how they actually are making us sick and fatter.


Too many “Fit” Influencers with alluring advertisements and immense followings sell “get fit quick” programs that put trainees on protocols that emphasize more training and less food.  Problem is: there is no such thing as a “get fit quick” program…

A few lies that they won’t tell you:


  • They take pictures of their abs that they didn’t get by doing the program they are promoting (and they often photoshop or enhance these photos)


  • They took their most impressive photos all within the same month only to post these photos all year, and they never talk about the lost periods, binge eating, health issues, constant hunger, life sacrifice, and pain that comes with preparing for those pictures to be taken. 
  • Many oversell results and under-deliver real guidance and lasting results.
  • Through sharing photos and testimonials, they claim that others received their lean bodies by doing these “get fit quick” programs (which they did not…)




If you were given a super-crazy-fast sports car, but were only told how to go forward and not how to slow down, back up, or stop. It wouldn’t be your fault when you crashed that car (which you would), because you were never given the full instructions.  Coming off the gas would be the same as coming off the diet and regaining your health and metabolism.  And it doesn’t happen automatically; it requires proper instruction and intention.

Personal trainers and influencers who sell “get lean fast” programs are responsible for a lot of the metabolic and hormonal issues that too many people are facing. 

There are unfortunately coaches out there who keep their business going year after year, by intentionally giving their clients unsustainable programs where they lose weight fast, then inevitably fall off the program, and come back for more.  We know because they admit it, and actually encourage other trainers to follow their business model.  

It’s both unhealthy and unethical to train this way, but well-intentioned consumers can easily fall victim to this strategy.  It’s appealing because you can pay a smaller fee (sounds and feels better than dishing out a ton of dough for a long-term program… after all, you only want to lose a few quick pounds… which will be mostly muscle, by the way).  Anyway,  this small fee for the “quick fix” program also comes with dysmorphia, unhealthy dietary practices, poor self-worth, hormone imbalances, menstrual cycle irregularities, and then gain the weight back + more!  What a deal!

So please, watch out for click-bait, use critical thinking and analysis when looking at programs.  Ask lots of questions, and know that ultimately a fitness professional should be looking out for your overall HEALTH! 


How you diet or lose weight will determine your health in the long run.  Choose wisely!  And the next time you consider a fad diet remember that FAD – Fast And Dangerous!


— Coach Hunter covelski

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