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We are a team of health and fitness coaches on a misson to normalize healthy and active lifestyles in hopes of eliminating all preventable lifestyle related illness’.

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“I haven’t met everyone at Success, but all the trainers I have met are real people. Sure, they LOOK like Instagram models, but they don’t act like it.

They have interests outside of working out and eating kale, and they know that part of training people is being kind of a psychologist. They actively listen to what is going on in your life, and while they do not try to solve anything, they understand that stress can kill a diet and workout routine and they try to find workarounds.

As far as the workouts go, I love the space. This is not Planet Fitness. This is a gym. Not quite Rocky III, but also not glamorous. The purpose is to get fit, not be seen in your cutest new athleisure outfit barely breaking a sweat.

Alex works you hard, but not like a deranged high school coach. He is more like someone who is invested in your goals and wants you to succeed.

I spent a lot of time looking for trainers. It seems like there are two types out there: The online guys who want like $100/month to yell at you online and give you workout programs you can easily find with a google search; And people who want $125 a session to work out in their house and have you drag a donkey around the neighborhood.

Success Fitness is neither of those. It is priced perfectly with options for almost any budget. I ain’t no Senator’s son, and yet here I am.

Alex has two kids and gets that life is busy for all of us, but with his apps and dedication, he makes you believe you can reach your goals. Now, if only my son would stop baking chocolate chip cookies while I am working out…”

-Mike “The Man, the Myth, the Legend”

About us

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Success Fitness
Est. 2001

Success opened their doors in 2001 when two trainers left their big-box training careers to create an environment that was welcoming, ethical, and highly effective for their clients.

A place that both them and their clients could call home, and where trainers and clients alike could find true and lasting Success (yes, pun is 100% intended)!

Over 20 years, hundreds of thousands of training hours, dozens of trainers, and hundreds of clients later… Success is proud to still be rooted in these strong values:

Hard work & Hard Truths
Keeping it Real
Habits for Life
Humility, Health & Happiness
Family & Fun!
Inclusiveness & Respect
Education & Impact


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