Alex Cilek

Co-Owner, CPT, & CES

Hey there, I’m Alex, Co-Owner and health coach at Success Fitness.

Fitness and working out has always been something I have been passionate about my whole life. Oh that and food! Granted my journey hasn’t always been consistent and perfect. Life gets busy and priorities change.

From having my son (Chase) and daughter (Morgan) to find Success Fitness.

One thing for sure that never changed was the passion I had for fitness and helping others with fitness. 

I have always been one that is pretty active from playing football and basketball when I was younger, and to now playing volleyball and golf. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still a sucker for Marvel movies and or a good TV show.

But when it all started to really click for me was when my son was diagnosed with Leukemia and Lymphoma.

It was a really big wake up call that something like this can happen at any moment. So I was very determined to take control of the things that we can actually change and control with our health. Which isn’t always easy! But making small but steady changes to ensure you thrive.

My philosophy as a trainer is easy and it revolves around these few things.

First is to find ways that you enjoy fitness. Is that lifting heavy weights? Is that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)? Is it becoming a bodybuilder? There are so many ways to improve your fitness and those are just in the gym. Finding something that you like will help you stick with fitness and create a lifestyle around that rather than torturing yourself with something you know you cant stay consistent with.

The next would be to find ways that you can consistently eat healthier. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Eating just chicken, rice, and broccoli does not sound fun to ANYONE. And you wouldn’t be able to sustain that for ever or want to! The way I have found that works for me personally and my clients is to find what you like to eat and make it in a more friendly type of way. For example, a crispy chicken sandwich in the air fryer. I could go on and on… Did I say I love food?

Through several years of training myself I have found one thing that helps me enjoy working out more, LOUD rock music and cracking jokes. So if you are interested in taking that step forward with your fitness with a few laughs along the way, Please reach out to