Coach David

Coach David Wedlund, BA Exercise Science, NASM CPT

I’m David – Personal Trainer at Success Fitness & Training Center. I am a firm believer in the correlation between physical movement and mental health.

I strive to always let my clients know that I am in their corner and genuinely care about them as a person over just a client.

Personally, I deal with depression and anxiety and physical fitness has helped me so much over the years!

I want to bring that experience and relatability to those who are looking for some movement therapy.

My love of movement started at the young age of 3. My dad had created a makeshift basketball court in our backyard and my older brother played every day. So I gravitated towards playing with him. I fell in love with getting better and better in basketball.

Fast forward a few years into middle school, I picked up playing baseball and basketball in their respective seasons. In high school, I was introduced to weightlifting and that immediately stole my heart.

To this day, you can still find me on the basketball court from time to time but weightlifting has taken over my passion. So much so that I wanted to make it my career.

I obtained my BA in Exercise Science with honors from Concordia University and shortly after I was able to obtain my certification through NASM for personal training.

Over my training career, I have worked in big commercial gyms, studio settings, group sessions, even a traveling trainer going to luxury apartments training clients in the comfort of their homes.

With all of these different settings, I have had the privilege to work with all different kinds of clients.

No two fitness journeys are the same…

 I take pride in assisting my clients throughout their individual journeys.  Whether it’s to gain strength, lose weight, improve overall health, train for function, or even train for a triathlon, I love to help using my knowledge and support to get them to that end goal and beyond.

I aim to teach my clients tips and tricks as well as structure for the future to keep their journey sustainable and successful long term.

In my free time, I like taking hikes with my wife, cooking, spending time with friends, and running  around with my 1-year-old Aussie Doodle (Ozzie). I also enjoy volunteer work; my wife and I are a part of the NE Lions club (the youngest members!).

I look forward to meeting all of you and getting the chance to work with you!

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