Elite Physique Coaching Program


Your Potential!

Passionate, dynamic, and HEALTH-based approach to physique enhancement and contest prep.

We use a strategic coaching method customized to the individual to help you achieve your best physique while maintaining optimal health and looking and feeling your best!

We give each client the time, care, guidance, and attention they need to achieve Success!



Natural Physique, Bodybuilding, Classic, Figure, Bikini, Powerlifting, and Power Building competition athletes (pre and post contest).
We also work with post-show reversing; metabolic rebuilds, insulin resets, and gut health.

This program is great for first time fitness competitors!  We will support you every step of the way from helping you find a show, all the way to peak week and post-show transition.


Previous competitors who are ready to step up the competition and beat their best self are great candidates for this program!  We will build on the foundation you’ve set to reach new heights and unleash your full potential!


Have you recently completed a competition, and are struggling to find a new healthy balance in your diet and training?  We can help with a healthy post-show reversal.


Are you an athlete who is focused and dedicated and you want a coach who will hold you accountable to push new limits?  This program is meant for those with a “no excuses” mindset who are willing to do the work required to reach their goals!

Meet the Coach 

Hunter Covelski

Hi! I’m Hunter, Nutrition & Training Coach at Success Fitness & Training Center.  I use my experience and expertise to help others become their ABSOLUTE best selves; regardless of what level you’re at right now.  I specialize in physique competition athletes – Bodybuilding, Classic, and Physique competitors.

“Best Self”… isn’t that kind of cliche?  What does that even mean?  To me, it’s feeling, looking, and performing to your highest capacity (or if you’d like to get technical – looking, feeling, and performing your best on a biopsychosocial level).

Over the years I’ve been able to have the greatest impact on those who want to lose wieght and are fed up with the crash diet approach to weight loss.  With my coaching experience and knowledge I help women get past the fad diets and the feeling that they’re never going to be able to…

“get rid of this belly fat”…
“do a sit-up because I had a c-section”…
“lose weight”…
“have time to workout”…
“get my diet right”…

These are all things that I’ve heard over and over in my career and have been able to overcome with the proper programming (both fitness AND nutrition).  With the proper programming for YOUR body, lifestyle, and fitness level we can absolutely get you into your best-ever shape!

I understand the uncomfortable feeling of going into the gym and wanting to lose some extra weight, so I strive to make the gym a safe, non-judgmental place where we can better ourselves together.  I want my clients to have fun during every part of their journey!

So if it’s time to make a change for the better; if you’re tired of trying to find that magic pill (pssst… it doesn’t exist)… then I’d love to meet you and chat about your goals!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me!  Now it’s my turn to hear about YOU!

-Hunter Covelski NASM CPT, Pn1
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach


I’m still not sure… how do I know if I should work with you?

We get it, when it comes to fitness and coaching, it’s important that it’s a good fit.  The first thing we’ll say is that at Success Fitness we like to keep things real… caring, and kind… but real!  So that being said, you…


SHOULD work with us if you:

Want to take control of your life & body
Want to lose weight
Want to gain muscle
Want to and are willing to listen
Are serious about making a change
Are ready to learn and work hard!


Should NOT work with us if you:

Are not willing to put in some work
Are not willing to listen (it only works if you take it seriously and follow the program)
Don’t like to have fun
Still believe their is a magic pill