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What is Functional Health Coaching? 

As Integrative Practitioners we go far behind the basic food pyramid, macro tracking, ‘eat less & work harder’ thought process.

Instead, we incorporate 7 integrative disciplines…

1. Functional Medicine – Helping people at a functional level. Use of lab tests to see what’s going on at the deepest levels of the body to rebalance the body naturally.
2. Orthomolecular Medicine – The right molecules in the right amounts.
3. Bioregulatory Medicine – The science of “Self-Healing”
4. Ayurvedic Medicine – The science Of life – Ayurveda is an alternative medicine system with historical roots in India.
5. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbalism
6. Traditional Naturopathy – Using “Right Living” to Rebalance the body.
7. Eastern Philosophy – Using the Mind to Heal the body.

Ultimately, we look at the “ROOT” Issues of your Dis-ease(s) (inability to lose weight/body fat, sleep issues, anxiety, auto-immune, high blood pressure, etc.)


We are not doctors so when we say “Medicine” we mean that we use the practice of looking over labs and using food or supplements for “Medicine”.  We do not treat, cure, or diagnose disease.  We’ll be working on the underlining root cause of your symptoms and issues.

Functional Health Services

Health Coaching

Comprehensive coaching programs for a variety of health concerns and goals.  Our Integrative Health Pracitionior will use diagnostic at home labs to create a custom coaching and lifestyle plan for you!


Hybrid Bodybuilding

Now offering an integrative approach to bodybuilding.  Reach your full physique potential while maintaining health and hormone balance with our Functional Health Coaching Services.



Our on staff Integrative Health Pracitioner uses a variety of at home diagnostic labs.  Lab results combined with individaul client data are used to create a customized program to address the root cause of your health or weight loss issues.