Gym Space for Rent


Health or Fitness Professional looking for an awesome place to work with your clients?

Success Fitness & Training is the home of a private 3800 square foot, clean, well-equipped facility where like-minded health and fitness professionals come together to build stronger and healthier communities. 

Success is Equipped with…


Dumbbells, plate, bars, benches, bumper plates, squat racks, trap bars, and kettlebells.


Leg press, smith machine, adjustable cable tower, Free Motion dual cable cross, and lat pulldown.


Rower, recumbent bike, upright bike, elliptical, stairs, battle ropes, medicine balls, and tank.

and MORE…

TRX suspension trainers, bosu balance trainers, weight sled, foam rollers, pull up/dip tower, roman chair, jump ropes, resistance bands, ab wheel.

A Home to Independent Professionals since 2001: 

Are YOU cut out for Success?

Our collaborative culture is one where all are welcome – unless you’re an equipment hog, disrespectful, have a fixed mindset, and/or no sense of humor.  If you’re ego is too big to fit through the door you should look elsewhere. 

We are here to work, be a team, care for our clients, get awesome results, care for eachother, and the community, and of course, to have fun! 

But trust me… we work! All renters are required to have an ownership mentality.  That is, to respect the gym and all clients as if they are your own.  You can run your book of business completely independently and we won’t mettle in your business so long as you follow the core values, are trustworthy, ethical, and act with integrity.

So if you’re looking to have some great times with some great people and make a huge impact on the mission to normalize fitness, then we might just be the place for YOU!    

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