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The home-fitness market is vast and wild with fads, gimmicks, click-bait, and if we’re being honest, a bunch of useless crap that will draw your attention and dollars, but will end up under the bed, stuffed  away in a closet, and eventually on the curb. 

Meanwhile, despite your highest hopes and ambitions for a “new-you” being poured into this guaranteed-to-change-your-life impulse buy, your fitness level hasn’t improved, and maybe even declined while you waited for that Belly-Blaster-5000 in the closet to fix all of your health and fitness problems. (Disclaimer: The Belly Blaster 5000 is a completely made-up product for the purposes of this article, and if it ever becomes a reality, we claim no endorsement or claims to this product).

It’s not all your fault.  The marketers of these products are REALLY good at what they do, and they know how to appeal to your mental/emotional/physical pain around your current fitness state. And besides that, there are 2 more objective issues with most of the home-fitness products out there:

1. They serve one purpose – but you have an entire body.  
Many of these products work the abs, OR the arms, OR the legs, but are marketed as being an end-all holy grail, using photo shopped images of fitness models who I PROMISE you, did not use the product in question to obtain their physique (or at least not exclusively).  Anyone with a stellar physique has spent a lot of time using a variety of weight lifting equipment in a variety of ways, working their entire body, consistently, for a very long time. Period.  Just ask around to the fittest people you know.  They didn’t get their with a click bait tik-tok ads product. 

2. They don’t allow for progression – so you plateau.
Despite the slight smack-talk we’ve brought to the home-fitness product market, we’re not too proud to admit that some of these products are FANTASTICS… for beginners.  But eventually you will outgrow many of these products and you’ll need the ability to increase your weights, your range, and your variety of workouts.  When a home gym piece was working, and then stops working due to your stellar gainz, it can be discouraging, and can be the end of that bout of fitness enthusiasm. 

The truth is, when it comes to home gym setups that actually work, they’re probably more basic than you think.  

Over the decades we have helped thousands of clients to invest in home gym equipment that is not only useful, but 

Strength Training Equipment

Unsure where to begin when it comes to dumbbells, benches, bars, plates, and racks??  We’ll walk you through what to start with, when to add on, and our favorite vendors and products!

Mobility & Corrective Exercise

This may be the most ‘gimmicky’ section of them all when it comes to the mass fitness market!  Allow us to share with you what you’ll actually use, and then hop over to our youtube for more ideas on HOW to use these products!

Other Fun Stuff and Accessories

The first 2 categories cover the nuts & bolts, but over the years we’ve been able to dial in other pieces that can be absolute game-changers in your training!