Non-Intimidating MMA & Self-Defense Course

Client Testimonials

I did my first in-person kickboxing class with Tom last night. I had a great experience! He is a great teacher and did an excellent job of explaining techniques to a newcomer like me.”

Cory O.

Thomas is the real deal! Encouraging, attentive, focused and motivating! You won’t be disappointed!

Chrissy T.

Tom was great and made me feel super comfortable!  There was no pressure or judgment.  [He’s] happy to answer questions in case you’re a newbie like me!

Katherine A.

8 Week Fall Session Starts:
Thursday, September 22nd  |  4:45-5:45pm


Learn to fight off invisible bad guys, and dummy’s named BOB! 

But don’t be frightened… this course is for EVERYONE!

We’re not violent people, we just want to be prepared for all that life might throw our way, and martial arts happens to be a fun, hands-on means of developing optimal fitness.

This course will introduce participants to concepts of kickboxing and MMA conditioning, with general self defense as a byproduct of all the fitness fun!

Course will be delivered in a “non-threatening” way, and teach safe progressions through the various skills.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming setting to showcase the joys and effectiveness of cardio and core conditioning, strength training, and power training in an MMA setting. 

We will incorporate a series of tools and modalities throughout to help you get the most out of everything martial arts has to offer in a concise and enjoyable class! 

Only 8 participants per session!


Choose your plan

Participants in this course must have hand wraps and bag gloves.  You may purchase these independently, or select the ‘Course + Gear’ option and we will provide them for you.


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one time payment

  • 8 60-Minute Workouts
  • Success on Demand Access
  • Skills to last a lifetime!
  • Boxing/Kickboxing Hand Wraps
  • Martial Arts Bag Gloves