Mobility Training

Thomas is the real deal! Encouraging, attentive, focused and motivating! You won’t be disappointed!

Chrissy T.

Stretch sessions with Tom are so good! He thoroughly explains every stretch and guides you with his knowledge. I always feel so much better afterwards and have learned new stretches for different muscles. I highly recommend these sessions!!

Beth B. 

I hadn’t been doing any workouts for 3 years due to my neck and knee issues and now I feel so relieved! Kudos to you Tom and others! You guys rock! 

Dinesh K.

Mobility Training

These sessions cover a variety of stretching protocols including active, dynamic, self myofascial release, and static stretching.

Learn when, why, and how to incorporate each of these methods into your fitness routine.


Private sessions allow for an individualized experience as well as safe progressions of key concepts.


Sessions are 30 minutes in length.  Additional time may be applied at the coaches discretion and as deemed necessary.


Clients can expect to be progressed through their protocols as they master various steps, and to be encouraged to practice at home as well.  Note taking is encouraged!


These sessions cover the whole body, addressing immobility wherever it may lie.  Clients should come ready to learn and ready to work!  Note taking in enouraged! (Now where have we heard that before? )

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