Labs for Contest Prep Clients


Requires tremendous
physical change 
beyond the muscular system

The overtraining, over-dieting, stress, overconsumption of artificial sweeteners, and the natural need to cut and bulk all the time means that that many athletes inevitably run into the same issues.

These are the most often recommended labs for our Contest Prep Clients.

Comprehensive Gut Test

Say goodbye to bloating, gas, and all related gut issues.

With the extreme nature of competition dieting, many athletes run into gut issues and are unable to heal.

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Functional Food Sensitivity

190 markers…

The best “Eat This Not That” for YOUR body.

No more guessing!

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Annual Total Health Report

A great general test that can improve your longevity in the sport, and improve your muscle-building & fat loss potential.

Recommended to do annually.

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Comprehensive Stress & Weight Loss

A great hormone test to assess all levels across the body and analyze how your body is handling stress.

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Complete Hormone Stress Test

Best starter test… Hormones, adrenals, & organic acids (no thyroid).

Shows vitamin and mineral markers to identify deficiencies.

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Female Cycle Map

Many female athletes have irregular cycles due to over-dieting and over-training.

The female cycle map can help identify the root cause of imbalances.

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