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Can You Eat Out on Contest Prep or a Diet?

Is it acceptable to eat out when on a contest prep diet?  Note: This sushi meal was the only meal I had for 38 weeks before my bodybuilding show, and[…]

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Why Fad diets don’t work “Downhill Dieting”

Why Fad diets don’t work “Downhill Dieting” You can see the difference in my labs from a dieted state vs an off-session fed state. Too many “Fit” Influencers with alluring[…]

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Post-Workout Eating Tips For Success

How long should you wait after your workout to eat?? There are better ideas than eating immediately after or fasting for long periods after training. Here’s why… Fast answers: Fasting[…]

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Can you train at multiple gyms and still make progress?

Can you train at multiple gyms and still make progress? This question is important for those that are training with progressive overload, periodization, powerlifting, strongman, etc. This may not be[…]

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How to Create a Sustainable Fitness Lifestyle

We’ve all been there… tons of motivation and excitement with your new gym membership card in hand. You can almost envision all of the incredible workouts you’re going to have,[…]

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Is Intermittent Fasting Good for Weight loss?

The age-old practice of fasting is historically done for religious reasons, but fasting for weight loss is all the hype nowadays. You can find many claimed benefits such as “expelling[…]

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Why Fad diets don’t work

Why Fad diets don’t work, and how they actually are making us sick and fatter.   Too many “Fit” Influencers with alluring advertisements and immense followings sell “get fit quick”[…]

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Are You Ready To Start A Contest Prep Diet?

Am I ready to start a contest prep diet?   Congratulations!  If you’re reading this article, you have likely already made great strides in your fitness training program and you[…]

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How Much Does Personal Training Cost?

Personal Training Cost So you’re considering personal training… but wondering “holy moly, what is this going to cost me???” Maybe you have shopped around a bit and are even MORE[…]

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Resistance Training for Better Grades

Some may be asking, “how could resistance training, or exercise in general, improve my child’s grades?” Well, let’s talk about that! Read on as we dig into some of the[…]

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Eat colors for your best health “EAT THE RAINBOW”

Eating a wide range of colorful fruits and vegetables is the best way to stay healthy, build up a strong immune system, build and diversify your gut microbiome, and live[…]

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Top 5 Weight Loss Myths (According to Tom)

Before we get started, we must establish that weight loss and fat loss are different beasts.  When it comes to weight loss, the three things that we have control over are[…]

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