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How Functional Health Coaching Is Different Than Healthcare Services

Green, Yellow, And Red Health Illustration When reviewing client cases, I review their Metabolic Stress Questionnaire (MSQ), lab work, and history. Many people come to us in yellow or red (from my image). Here is an excellent example relating it to the gut since this is pivotal in our overall health and well-being. “All disease…
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Omega-3s for the KETO DIET

Can omega-3s improve ketosis or the utilization of ketones for energy in a keto diet? 1.) We will be reviewing the effects of omega-3, intake, and direct correlation to ketone utilization. 2.) Best forms of omega 3s 3.) Benefits to eating or supplementing with omega-3s when on a ketogenesis-type diet. Do omega-3 fatty acids from…
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“Your Supplement Buying Guide: Key Questions, Certifications, and Scams to Avoid”

Here’s A Quick Guide To Help You With Your Next Supplement Purchase There are so many choices for supplements, BUT not many are good. Look for and ask these questions: 1.) Is it GMP Certified? 2.) Is it 3rd party tested? 3.) Is the formula based on a clinically studied dosage? 4.) Is it fresh?…
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