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Post-Workout Eating Tips For Success

How long should you wait after your workout to eat?? There are better ideas than eating immediately after or fasting for long periods after training. Here’s why… Fast answers: Fasting after training is catabolic (you’ll lose muscle) Eating too fast after training is too hard on digestion (you won’t digest the energy you need to…
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Why Fad diets don’t work

Why Fad diets don’t work, and how they actually are making us sick and fatter.   Too many “Fit” Influencers with alluring advertisements and immense followings sell “get fit quick” programs that put trainees on protocols that emphasize more training and less food.  Problem is: there is no such thing as a “get fit quick”…
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Top 5 Weight Loss Myths (According to Tom)

Before we get started, we must establish that weight loss and fat loss are different beasts.  When it comes to weight loss, the three things that we have control over are muscle weight, water weight, and fat weight.  Do we want to lose muscle?  I would hope not…Do we want to lose water weight?  Perhaps we might if we’re…
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Nutrition Tips

Eat breakfast – Starts the metabolism which will allow you to burn more calories, and have increased energy. Eat a combination of fat, protein and carbohydrate each time you eat – You will feel more satisfied, stabilize blood sugar, increase energy and get a variety of vitamins and minerals. Drink water – Water will help you feel satisfied,…
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