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Read This Before You Get A Trainer

What Does Being Coachable Mean?   Definition of a Coach: A dedicated person who sees the hidden potential and maximizes performance by encouraging, developing, and believing. Additionally, someone that leads by example gives you your plan(s), and someone that helps others overcome fears and struggles.   **What a coach is NOT: Someone that can do…
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Personal Trainer Near Roseville MN

Top 5 Weight Loss Myths (According to Tom)

Before we get started, we must establish that weight loss and fat loss are different beasts.  When it comes to weight loss, the three things that we have control over are muscle weight, water weight, and fat weight.  Do we want to lose muscle?  I would hope not…Do we want to lose water weight?  Perhaps we might if we’re…
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Cardio vs Resistance Training

For weight loss and for general health, which is best??By Success Trainer: Hunter Colvelski HunterC@SuccessFitnessMN.comMarch 7th, 2021 After years of working in gyms, I started to wonder why people that came in every day and did hours of cardio looked the same for years. Conversely, people who came and consistenly lifted weights changed their bodies dramatically over…
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