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“Empowering Hormonal Balance: Your Guide to Female Hormone Support Supplements”

FEMALE HORMONE “FIX” SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT SHEET Licorice Root (DGL) can regulate androgens by engaging in a symbiotic relationship with CYPI A enzymes, which are pivotal in converting androgens into estrogens. Licorice Root effectively maintains equilibrium between androgen and estrogen levels within the body through this modulation of interactions. To achieve optimum outcomes when managing androgens, consume…
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(Part 1 of 2) Eating Around The Female Cycle (Days 1-14)

Eating Around The Female Cycle (Days 1-14) DURING YOUR PERIOD You will crave more “comfort foods” Low blood sugar may accentuate this, making you feel more irritable and a little “hangry.” This is due to a decrease in estrogen and the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin. Despite your body craving these extra sugar and carbs, this is…
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