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“Empowering Hormonal Balance: Your Guide to Female Hormone Support Supplements”

FEMALE HORMONE “FIX” SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT SHEET Licorice Root (DGL)┬ácan regulate androgens by engaging in a symbiotic relationship with CYPI A enzymes, which are pivotal in converting androgens into estrogens. Licorice Root effectively maintains equilibrium between androgen and estrogen levels within the body through this modulation of interactions. To achieve optimum outcomes when managing androgens, consume…
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Vitamin D information

Vitamin D is one of the most essential supplements on the market Measurement Unit: In the United States, the most common unit of measurement for vitamin D3 is International Units (IU) Functional Ranges: Optimal Range Is 80 to 100ng/mL Medical Ranges: Standard Medical Reference Range Is 20-50ng/mL. What A High-Value Means: For most outside, extremely…
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