Virtual Group Training


If you prefer a workout video to watch…
WithOUT real time feedback…
WithOUT any personalized support…
WithOUT the fun of an interactive group…
And withOUT accountability…

Then this is NOT for you! (there are plenty of options for you out there already… just search YouTube)

But if you DO want a virtual workout with all of those awesome benefits then this IS for you!


How do I access classes? Once you have registered for a class, you will receive a confirmation email and be added to the roster. The night before the workout (or the day of if you register same-day) you will receive an email invitation with a private join link to join the workout.

When are the classes offered? There are many classes each day/week. You can check out the full schedule here: ONLINE GROUP SCHEDULE

Do I need a special software? No! We use Zoom, which you can download in seconds via the private join link you receive after registering for a workout. If you are not familiar with Zoom, and would like support in advance of the workout, we are happy to set up a complimentary 10-minute meeting to help you test drive the software.

Will other people be able to see me working out? It’s up to you! We have a very fun group and part of what they love about it, is being able to interact with other participants. However, you have the option at anytime to mute yourself (which automatically turns you off to others in the workout). You can also turn off your camera, however, know that without camera, the trainer has limited ability to provide feedback.

How much does it cost? Virtual workouts are $10 to drop in to. We also offer several package options:

  • 10 Pack of Workouts: $80 (save $20): BUY NOW
  • 5 Pack of Workouts: $45 (save $5): BUY NOW
  • UNLIMITED WORKOUTS for a month: $99: BUY NOW

What if I don’t have any equipment? The instructor will offer options for both equipment and equipment-free methods. We also offer equipment rental for a deposit + rental fee.

What do our clients have to say about it?

“Honestly I wouldn’t do it, if it wasn’t for the video conferencing and the feedback and the cheering lol. I’ve tried videos in the house and nobody can leave me alone for even a 12 min workout. They find out that I’m going live with a group and you and they all leave me alone. That and I need to see your smiling face and the smiling faces of my workout friends. I miss you all “

Laura B.

“I have been doing my workouts with Grace via video and I can confirm that she still kicks my butt and it feels like she is in the room with me! Go for it!! What else ya got to do!😊. I for one want to come out of hibernation looking great! 🏋️‍♀️ “

Kathy W.

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