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At Success Fitness & Training, we do things differently.  We put people first.  That means our clients AND our team. We work hard and play hard.  We check our egos at the door so we can be truly present and authentic.  We learn and grow as a team with a common goal of normalizing health. 

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Personal Trainers:

Success Fitness Personal Trainers are true professionals who possess an ownership mentality and are on a mission to normalize fitness.

Candidates share our core values of hard work, community, integrity, lifelong learning, humility, and accountability.

We have 2 locations: Maplewood and Coon Rapids. Our services include (but are not limited to) personal training, virtual coaching, nutrition coaching, specialty coaching, and mobility training.

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This position does NOT require selling, unless that is something you are passionate about.
This position DOES require that you keep busy during your scheduled hours, as you are receiving a full hourly rate whether you are seeing clients or not.

When you are not seeing clients, however, you will be helping with other general operational tasks.

We are a team and no task should be too small – we all pitch in to clean, empty garbages, stock, etc. If you have an aversion to being a team player and pitching in where needed, this will not be a good fit.

That being said, however, we also strive to assign each trainer’s non-training duties to emphasize their strengths and interests.

As stated above, our trainer’s have an ownership mentality. If you have a goal of truly making a difference in this industry, improving the standards of health in our community and beyond, and/or achieving a leadership position within a well-established organization, this is a perfect position to help get you there!

Our entire team has started as part time trainers, and whatever it is that each person has aspired to from that point, we have created the opportunity to get them there.

We have ZERO room for big egos, but also zero tolerance for a yes man (or woman). The right candidate will be humble yet confident and be able to contribute ideas and think outside the box.

We are not your regular training gig and you have to be ready to run with us in our fast growing and rapidly adapting business. If you cannot handle change and imperfection, this position will not be a good fit for you.

We celebrate failure and push for growth, both personally and professionally.

Success Fitness is a gym owned and ran by trainer’s – so we’ve been around the block and have seen the challenging compensation structures at some facilities. We believe that if you are a quality trainer, your abilities will speak for themselves, and we don’t need to incentivize you based on EFT drafts, packages sold, or any other unrelated factor.

Pay is hourly, and their is a 90 day probationary period.  After 90 days (if all parties agree that you are a good fit for the role and you are enjoying your role and wish to stay on the team) that hourly rate increases and your probationary period ends.

We conduct regular reviews, and have a robust compensation plan as well as custom employee-directed compensation options, as we believe that your goals are our goals and we want to compensate our team in a way that inspires them to grow and accomplish all that they can!


1. Provide excellent programs for clients
2. Collaborate with other team members to provide the best care for the client
3. Have experience training (and are willing to learn!)
4. Understands programming around injuries and special conditions
5. Can work with a variety of equipment and understand how to substitute other equipment if needed (and are willing to ASK if unsure about something)
6. Are passionate about helping people lead healthy and active lives
7. Enjoy working independently AND as a team
8. Are willing to take direction, feedback, and be a constant student of their craft
9. Has a genuine love for people and passion for training
10. Is willing to make, admit and learn from mistakes
11. Has a forward-thinking attitude; open to change and constant improvement to better serve our team, clients, and community
12. Displays a positive and supportive attitude
13. Is reliable, smart, growth-minded, and has excellent attention to detail!
14. HIGHLY personable and able to think quick on their feet
15. Go out with the team a few times a year for all-expense-paid adventures!!

How to Apply:

Interested in joining this stellar team?


Simply send us an email with 2 things:
1. Your resume attached
2. Your answer to the question: “Why do you want to work at Success?”


And then we’ll get back to you with next steps!